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Uncle Barky's Mailbag (Nov. 4)

Readers had strong reactions to KTXD-TV’s (Ch. 47) decision last week to cut ties with ME-TV and its menu of vintage reruns. The station is expanding its hours of locally produced programming while also purchasing a new mix of old TV shows from various suppliers. Here’s a sampling of the fallout:

I appreciate you letting folks know. I have no interest in the programming of the new station. As you have stated, the viewership is minimal for the local programming. Will watch a combo of Antenna TV and TV Land. -- Alex Kelley

What a huge mistake to try this new format for Channel 47! Who can make such pathetic decisions to disaffiliate from ME-TV and go with a new lineup of local choosing? Doing away with Perry Mason, which offers fine acting, intelligent plots and quality entertainment, is so very disappointing. The greed to try to grab more of the advertisers’ dollars by offering inferior entertainment makes me delete the “new” format from my choices. What a bunch of trash selections they’re offering. I Dream of Jeannie, Charlie’s Angels? Really? Who do you hope to attract? Airheads? How pathetic. May they all be forced to watch Starsky and Hutch until they scream with disgust. Way to go, guys. Really smart! -- Kirby Howard

It is interesting that I read about KTXD-TV dropping their carriage of ME-TV on your web site, but I cannot find a published press release on londonbroadcastingcompany.com (owner of KTXD). I found myself watching ME-TV a few hours every day so I could enjoy these older shows that aired when I grew up. Hopefully another station will see this as an opportunity to carry these older shows in a 24/7 or “almost 24/7” format since much of the content is relatively tame and possibly more kid-safe compared to current TV standards. -- Jeff Rickman

It was bad enough when local programming replaced the early morning shows. This resulted in me turning off ME-TV in the morning. Now I will completely drop this station from anything I watch. I think the local shows are horrible. I watched these reporters years ago and their time is past. Goodbye, KTXD. I will not be back. -- Pam Polsky

Most of the changes in KTXD’s lineup are not that big of a deal. We will miss Perry Mason at night but the biggest loss is Svengoolie (which aired on Saturday nights). This was one of the most creative ways to present old fright movies. -- Rich Krekeler

What I and other fans of ME-TV programming want is an affiliate that carries the brand more than 12 hours a day. This should be a good market for ME-TV and I hope we won’t go long without it. They report a deal with U-verse already, but I’m Time Warner. -- Kyle Hall

Email comments or questions to: unclebarky@verizon.net