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Q&A: March 9

Question: Who is likely to take over the Sunday morning This Week show?
Katherine Owens

Answer: ABC News had been in serious talks with Ted Koppel to replace George Stephanopoulos. But the former Nightline anchor reportedly wanted at least one Sunday per month off, so it was no deal. The network is using rotating hosts for now, but it's likely to boil down to a choice at some point between White House correspondent Jake Tapper and Nightline co-anchor Terry Moran.

Question: What are the future plans for Men Of A Certain Age? I think it's great. Is it doing well enough to be brought back?
Andy Waters

Answer: Yes, it is. And TNT has renewed the critically praised series for a second season. Age, which stars Ray Romano, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula, wrapped up its first season last month.

Question: I noticed that Casey Stegall is now a reporter on the Fox News Channel. When did this happen? Did I miss a meeting? What did Stegall have that other local reporters didn't? I'm talking specifically of Saul Garza. Didn't they come to Fox4 around the same time? Would that mean moving to New York?
David Torres

Answer: As first reported on unclebarky.com, Stegall left Fox4's early morning Good Day program to join Fox News Channel in March 2007. He's based in L.A., so there was no need to move to New York. Stegall had spent two years at Fox4 before making the jump. Garza joined Fox4 much earlier -- in 1999. Going to a network is not always the best way to go. In fact, it's lost much of its cachet over the years. Garza, a stalwart of Fox4's early morning team, also contributes weekly "What's Buggin' You?" segments that invariably result in righting wrongs. Stegall was replaced by the very capable Adrian Arambulo. The two of them are early morning's best reporter duo.

Question: With spring and summer approaching, do you have a formal scorecard on which shows are coming back and when the season premieres are? Four come to mind -- Royal Pains (USA), Nurse Jackie (Showtime) and two from Starz -- Party Down and Head Case.
David Torres

Answer: I'll deal with the four shows that came to mind. Nurse Jackie returns for a second season on Monday, March 22nd. The sophomore year of Royal Pains is coming this summer, but there's no specific date yet. A DVD of the first season has a release date of May 25th.

Season 2 of Party Down is set to launch on April 23rd, with Megan Mullally joining the cast. Head Case so far has not been renewed for a fourth season, and it's not looking good.