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Q&A: March 28

Sorry for letting another backlog build up. From now on I'll strive to answer questions at least once a week. Here's another batch.

Question: Never have I seen an anchor so uptight and uncomfortable as Natalie Solis while she fills in for Megan Henderson temporarily on Fox4's Good Day!! Why in the heck didn't they use the perky, talented Maria Sotolongo? Or better yet, they could have placed Natalie in Heather Hays' more serious evening news slot while she is on maternity leave. Didn't anyone want to work with Mr. "fun fun" Tim Ryan?
Sharon Lowery

Answer: Solis is gradually settling in, and the ratings haven't been hurt by her presence. In fact, Good Day has been No. 1 from 6 to 9 a.m. on the first two mornings of this week after hitting a deep slump during the February sweeps. This doesn't mean that Solis is bringing in viewers, but she doesn't seem to be turning them away either. As for Mr. "Fun, Fun," he may have a dark side. But I've yet to see it.

Question: Just wondering how the ratings are going for TXA21 news? Do you think this newscast will continue and last?
Thomas Hoffman

Answer: TXA21's live coverage of last Friday's police officer shootout and standoff gave it a big boost in the ratings. Otherwise it's growing ever so slowly, with just a 1.0 Nielsen rating needed to turn a profit, according to CBS11/TXA21 president and general manager Steve Mauldin. It hits that number on most nights and usually exceeds it. So the commitment looks as though it's going to be longterm.

Question: What do you think of weather coverage in the D-FW market? Does anyone really stand out? Isn't weather where the ratings are?"
Conley Isom

Answer: Weather definitely is where the ratings are during those periodic, mostly overblown "Arctic Blasts." Stations sometimes double their audiences, especially if a patch of ice or two creates a commuting "nightmare." As for who stands out, I've got to say that Belo8's Pete Delkus is starting to grow on me, and no longer like a wart. NBC5's David Finfrock is still the dean, but the newscast around him often is an affront to his cold fronts. The guy could use a better environment.

Question: With the terrible exception of The Simple Life, has any other TV show that had a cult following (Arrested Development for example) ever go to another network and find success? It seems to me they have not.
Matthew Donovan

Answer: Well, The Surreal Life has found new life on VH1 after originating on the now defunct WB network. Also, JAG began on NBC, which dropped it after one season because the audience was deemed to be too old. It then became a longrunning hit on CBS. Back in cable's infancy, The Paper Chase found some success on Showtime after CBS shredded it. But for the most part you're right. Shows that don't work on one network seldom work any better on another.

Question: When will Jericho be put out on DVD? I taped it from the get-go, but never watched it due to forgetfulness.
Blake Olds

Answer: I doubt that Jericho will survive beyond this its first season, so the DVD release likely will happen sometime this summer. Meanwhile, you should be able to watch any or all of this season's episodes by going here.

Question: Where is longtime WFAA reporter Valeri Williams today? Is she still reporting?
Thomas Hoffman

Answer: As far as I can determine, she is not reporting full-time right now for any TV station or network. Here's the official corporate response from Dave Muscari, vice president of product development for Belo8 and The Dallas Morning News: "Valeri Williams initially came to work for us as a reporter in 1992. After a stint with ABC News as a correspondent based in Atlanta, she returned to WFAA in 1999. She worked with us in our 'News 8 Investigates' unit through January 2003. We wish her well."