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Q&A: April 28

Question: Per your advice, my wife and I started watching Coal on Spike a few weeks ago, and really liked it. Then last night (April 27th) we tune in and see something called Repo Games. And only a rerun of Coal was available on CMT. Do you have any info?

Answer: The ratings haven't been great for Coal but Spike TV hasn't given up on it yet. It's scheduled to return on Sunday, May 8th (7 p.m. central) with Episode 5, titled "Into the Heart of Darkness." The series premiered March 30th and had been running on Wednesdays until Spike decided to try a new night.

Question: I really liked Ron Corning on World News Now. Why would he want to do an early morning show like Daybreak in Dallas, TX? (On April 27th, Corning became the new co-anchor of WFAA8's early morning show.) Are we that great? Are good jobs hard to come by now in the anchoring/reporting business? Just wondering. Figured he was more big-time.
M Denise C

Answer: Dallas-Fort Worth is the country's 5th largest TV market, behind only New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia. So Corning isn't downsizing to Mayberry. Plus, he had a rather tough go of it in New York City, where he had anchored Fox's Good Day New York for two years before being dropped from the show while on vacation in April 2008. He then worked for a while at Long Island's News 12 after starting there in November of 2009. His tenure with ABC's overnight World News Now was from 2004 to 2006. And yes, good jobs can be hard to come by in the cutthroat TV biz. Sometimes a change of scenery can work wonders, though. Plus, Corning might well be more visible in D-FW than Keith Olbermann will be nationally at his new home, the obscure Current cable network.

Question: What is the latest that you have heard about the A&E cable show The Glades? Back in January of this year, they said it had been renewed for a second season and also that shooting would begin around February or March. Now it is almost May, and the A&E website has not said anything more about when the season premiere of the second season would be.
Jim Orvis

Answer: A&E says that Glades, currently in production, is scheduled to return on Sunday, June 5th (9 p.m. central) for the first of 13 new episodes. The series stars Matt Passmore as quippy homicide detective Jim Longworth, who's relocated from Chicago to the Florida everglades. You know, sort of like Ron Corning.

Question: I have looked and looked, and can't find the answer. So I look to you to enlighten. Have you heard if Memphis Beat has been renewed? Also, while I am at it, can I get a "heads up" on whether Harry's Law and The Defenders will be picked up?
Sandra Metzler

Answer: You have come to the right place -- the fount of all TV wisdom. NBC is likely to renew Harry's Law, although its audience skews older than the Peacock would like with 62-year-old Kathy Bates at the controls. But CBS looks as though it's going to ax The Defenders when it announces its new fall lineup on May 18th. Jason Lee and Memphis Beat will soon be returning to TNT, though, with the Season 2 premiere set for Tuesday, June 14th at 8 p.m. central.