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Q&A: Nov. 12

Question: Why does ABC not have Women's Murder Club on broadband yet?
Mark Tynes

Answer:The new Angie Harmon crime drama is produced by 20th Century Fox television, which apparently hasn't cleared the show for airing on abc.com. Other new shows produced by ABC Studios -- Carpoolers, Cavemen, Dirty Sexy Money, Samantha Who? -- have full episodes in play on the network's official web site. It's still all about who owns what.

Question: I know the Dallas Stars don't rate like they used to, but how bad have their ratings been this year?
Kevin and Tammy Jerpi

Answer: Pretty bad so far. And pretty bad last season, too. Here's a recent example. Last Thursday's Stars-Phoenix Coyotes game on MY27 averaged just 7,307 homes in D-FW. That night's Plano East-Allen high school football game on the Fox Sports Southwest cable network drew 19,485 homes opposite the Stars. A single rating point equals 24,356 homes in D-FW, and the Stars seldom draw more than fractions of that.

Question: Why does Grey's Anatomy run five minutes long every episode? It really ruins any opportunity to TiVo something during the 9 p.m. hour.
The Barrazas

Answer: ABC's been doing this a lot lately -- and not just with Grey's Anatomy -- to keep viewers from changing channels at appointed hours. Monday nights have been even more confusing, with Dancing with the Stars bleeding into the new Samantha Who?, which then lops a few minutes off late-starting episodes of The Bachelor. Viewers have a right to be pissed, but ABC figures it's the best way to stem traffic flow to rival networks.

Question: What's the deal with Life? Is it getting a full season and where can I find into on it besides the NBC site?
Kevin Aldridge

Answer: Life, my favorite new drama series of the season, is very slowly catching on, although its ratings on downtrodden NBC still might not be enough to get it a full season. The writers' strike unfortunately makes it even easier for networks to cut bait with struggling shows after production has ceased. But we can always hope that Life goes on. Here's a good venue for more information on the show.