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Q&A: Feb. 20

Question: I was watching TXA21's newscast and noticed CBS11's Jeff Jamison doing weekend weather. Amanda Sanchez, who was originally hired to do that no longer has a bio on the station's Web site. What caused her departure after such a short period of time?

Answer: A CBS11/TXA21 spokeswoman says that Sanchez had to return to Las Vegas for family medical reasons. She quickly rejoined the city's ABC station, KTNV-TV, as a weathercaster.

Question: I work as an extra on Prison Break and it's been so much fun this year. Do you know if they are going to film here in Dallas for next season?
Melissa Cuellar

Answer: It depends on whom you ask. Fox entertainment president Peter Liguori told unclebarky.com in January that the show was "very unlikely" to film much in North Texas next season if the network picks up the series. But Dallas-based producer Garry Brown said he's already scouting North Texas locations for next season. It's his understanding, at this point anyway, that most of Prison Break would be filmed in this area.

Production on the current second season is scheduled to end in mid-March, with the second season finale set for April 2nd.

Question: Just saw your bulletin that Studio 60 was likely canceled -- not surprising and not nearly as disappointing as it would've been four months ago. How is its "cousin," 30 Rock, doing? I absolutely love its whip-smart humor and find it consistently the second-funniest show I watch (after The Office, always snortingly funny). Think 30 Rock will make it back for Season 2? I saw somewhere that it was being bumped for a new show.
Beau Black

Answer: 30 Rock's chances aren't great, but there's still a chance. It's the lowest-rated of NBC's stellar Thursday night foursome, but the Peacock is striving to give it every chance. The acting awards for co-star Alec Baldwin help a bit.

Rock will be benched for a while, though, in favor of Andy Richter's Andy Parker, P.I., which will take its slot on March 15. That comedy is co-produced by Conan O'Brien's Conaco company, with Richter starring as an accountant turned bumbling private eye.

Question: What's up with Survivor: Fiji being all 20- and 30-somethings with only two 50+ guys in the bunch? Not one single woman older than 40, looks to me. If I wanted to watch young people all the time I'd turn to MTV!!!
Linda Johnson

Answer: Actually, Sylvia Kwan is 52 and Cassandra Franklin is 42. And both are still on the island in the show's early stages. Since its inception, Survivor generally has loaded up on contestants in their 20s and 30s. But grizzled old Rudy Boesch became one of the show's biggest stars, so there's always hope.

Question: What happened to Christina McLarty? Did she get fired or did they simply not renew her contract? I know that she is in LA now.
John Mark Rong

Answer: In January, McLarty decided to move on up -- as an entertainment/feature reporter for CBS-owned KCBS-TV in Los Angeles. CBS11, where she had worked since 2004, also is a network owned-and-operated station.