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Q&A: April 20

Question: Do you have any idea of the name of the song played on the HBO 2007 season premieres commercial? It played prior to the first of the last nine episodes of The Sopranos, and I can't seem to locate it on their site. Any ideas?
Mike Mahurin

Answer: The song is "Over My Head" by The Fray. Thanks to Ning Zhou at HBO for verifying. Here's the band's video version:

Question: I know it's horribly shallow and silly, but I'm a fan of The Dresden Files on the Sci Fi Channel. Any word on whether or not they'll rerun the episodes already shot? Also, are they going to renew the show for a second season?
Janet Jacobs

Answer: The Dresden Files had its first season finale on April 15 after a 12-episode order. Sci Fi hasn't committed to a second season yet, and doesn't have a rerun schedule in place either. There is, however, a "Save Harry Dresden!" web campaign, so you might want to add your name.

Question: OK, "The Donald" is power, and his darling kiddos, Donnie Jr. and Ivanka, sit like statues doing their command performances for Daddy. So how much of this show do you think is really scripted?
Sharon Lowery

Answer: Technically, none of it. But there definitely are suggested storylines and talking points provided by the producers. Someone might tell Ivanka, "It'd be cool if you now told him he's barely a pimple on Daddy's behind." And then she'd do just that. The real scripting is in the editing, in which contestants and the Trumps can be molded for dramatic purposes. In the end, The Apprentice and most other reality series are merely a collection of sound bites and facial reactions assembled to fit pre-hatched plots. But some of the stuff is still spontaneous.

Question: When if ever will NBC show the remaining episodes of The Black Donnellys? I really enjoyed it and hate that NBC canceled it.
Marcus Osmon

Answer: For now, The Black Donnellys is continuing with on-line episodes on nbc.com. The Peacock says they'll be "premiering" weekly on Mondays at 8 central, 9 eastern. Chances for a second season are virtually nil.

Question: How are the ratings for the Sunday night sports shows in Dallas-Fort Worth?
Thomas Hoffman

Answer: Belo8's Dale Hansen has drawn the biggest audience on the past two Sundays, with CBS11's Babe Laufenberg running second. They're generally the two biggest draws. Their stations' 10 p.m. newscasts also get the best prime-time "lead-ins" from ABC and CBS.