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Uncle Barky's Mailbag (May 6)

Here’s another batch of reader reactions.

Whoever runs KTXD-TV (Ch. 47) -- is a moron. Sorry, but they’re going to kill their audience by doing everything they can to run anything BUT THE CLASSIC SHOWS. That is the purpose of the ME network. Now a Mark Davis simulcast from 7-8:30 a.m. And some other show (America Now) after that. And then two hours with the Ditzy Chicks (D magazine’s D: The Broadcast).

Four hours in the morning. And not a single classic show. And then two hours at night, with The Texas Daily and a repeat of The Texas Daily. Anyway, thank God for DVDs. -- John McDowell


Enjoyed your piece about CBS being the ratings champion (among 18-to-49-year-olds for the first time in 21 years). I’ve been one for far too long wishing it could shed its reputation for being the network that catered to blue-hairs. One thing I know I’ve written to you about before is CBS’ inability to capitalize primetime and daytime ratings into gold in the morning and at dinnertime. The network that is rewarded by viewers for tough journalism on 60 Minutes isn’t trusted to wake them up or tell them the day’s news at dinner.

I’m constantly confused by the fickle viewer. I’m sure network programming honchos are equally confused. -- Christopher Skorz


Can you PLEASE do a followup on the HUGE clusterf#@% that WFAA’s Daybreak show has become. This morning (May 1st) they had some guy dressed up as a woman doing traffic reports with Alexa Conomos in the 6:45 segment. I can’t believe what this program has become. It’s virtually void of any news and substance. I’ve switched to KXAS because I can’t stomach their program anymore. I want NEWS in the morning. Most mornings, Greg Fields looks severely annoyed. -- Freddie Johns


I thought The Following (on Fox) started off really well with some really nice twists and turns. But as the season went on, it became a little to a lot weak. The finale was not very good.

And the Mad Men season premiere was a little too out there for me. I just did not get it. Losing interest. -- Larry Hammond

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