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Q&A: June 20

Question: You haven't talked much about Traveler and I just wanted to know if ABC was going to keep it because so far so good.
Art Sanchez

Answer: Traveler has been losing too much of its lead-in audience from American Inventor to survive beyond its limited run first season. So it's very unlikely to return, and was not included in ABC's fall season announcements. I reviewed it and think it's an OK series. But new serial dramas have been a very tough sell this season, particularly on ABC. Its cancellations in that genre already include The Nine, Six Degrees and Day Break.

Question: I was mesmerized by the extraordinary chicanery Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver displayed on FX's The Riches. Will their series of adventurous crimes continue?
Bill Ryan

Answer: Yes, they will. FX has renewed The Riches for a second season and also has picked up the Courteney Cox series Dirt for a sophomore year.

Question: Is there anything on TV during the summer that's worth watching? With 24, The Sopranos The Shield all done, I'm struggling to find anything of value to watch. I'm finding myself recording cooking shows on BBC America, which means I'm a dozen cats away from being a full-fledged crazy.
Travis Weaver

Answer: It's mostly a vast wasteland on broadcast TV. But new episodes of Rescue Me are definitely worth watching Wednesday nights at 9 central on FX. As is The Closer, which just started its third season Monday night (at 8 p.m. ) on TNT. There's also HBO's new Flight of the Conchords (two dweebish New Zealand singers on the loose in New York) and new episodes of Entourage from 9 to 10 p.m. Sundays on HBO. Hope that'll hold you, but it's always nice to adopt a cat or two.

Question: Now that the networks have announced their fall schedules, when will the local stations announce changes to their 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. schedules? And now that Belo8 is in HD, when will Fox4, NBC5 and CBS11 do it?

Answer: The locals don't come right out and announce anything, but I'll start checking around on any significant syndicated programming changes they might have. They're probably not entirely sure yet themselves.

And the other stations had better get with HD by this fall. Belo8's new studio and HD pictures definitely have helped their local newscast ratings. There's a sense of momentum there that their rivals don't have. Asked about this in an earlier interview with unclebarky.com, CBS11 news director Regent Ducas said the station plans to be HD-ready sometime near the start of the new season.