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Q&A: Jan. 16

Question: What is the word on Curb Your Enthusiasm and 24? I hear every year that this is the last year for Curb, but is it really this time? The final episode sure felt like it was over and would be a good stopping point, but I love this show. And is 24 postponed until the strike is over or until the fall?
Ed Coffey

Answer: With Curb, only Larry David knows for sure. And so far he hasn't decided. Maybe he'll wake up tomorrow and decide to do another 10 episodes. That's the way he is.

It's too late now for 24 to put together enough episodes to complete a full season. Eight are finished, but Fox will sit on them. At best, 24 might return next fall instead of at midseason. On the other hand, ABC will be showing the eight Lost episodes available to the network, beginning on Jan. 31st. Viewers then will be left hanging again.

Question: Is CBS keeping The Big Bang Theory and Rules of Engagement?
Doug Grimes

Answer: Both Monday night comedies were in the network's future plans before the writers' strike hit. They likely still are, with Rules a little better bet to survive.

Question: Whatever happened to John Criswell? Is he still around?
Bill Ryan

Answer: The former Belo8 and Fox4 anchor still lives in the D-FW area and is represented by the Mary Collins Agency. He's also president and CEO of Wise Counsel, described as a non-profit "strategic and crisis communications company providing spokesman services, media coaching-training and crisis mitigation and management planning to business, industry, churches, ministries and faith-based schools." Puff-puff.

Question: I'm curious as to how the ratings for The Price Is Right are holding up since the departure of mainstay Bob Barker. What's your take on replacement Drew Carey?
Mike Peacock

Answer: In the early going, Price has increased its ratings a bit nationally in the so-called "key adult demographics" of 18-to-49 and 25-to-54.

D-FW Nielsens for the November "sweeps" showed Price averaging 66,979 total homes from 10 to 11 a.m., finishing second to ABC's The View (85,246 homes). It tied for second, with the fourth hour of NBC's Today, among both 18-to-49-year-olds and 25-to-54-year-olds.

I think Carey is OK as host of Price, but better on CBS' prime-time Power of 10 game show. From this perspective, it's doubtful he'll want to do Price for more than a few years, even though it's very easy money. At which point CBS might be ready to pull the plug.