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Q&A: Jan. 31

Question: What is the deal with (NBC5 anchor) Jane McGarry? Mother said she isn't on. Or if she is, it's just for a few minutes. Inquiring minds want to know.
Sandra Meltzer

Answer: Since May of last year, McGarry has been anchoring the 6:30 p.m. Nonstop Nightly newscast on NBC5's digital channel, 5.2. It's available over the air and on most cable systems, including Verizon Fios and Time Warner. She also continues to co-anchor NBC5's 5 p.m. weekday newscasts, but longtime anchor partner Mike Snyder has left the station entirely.

Question: I'm a big fan of the new Fox show Alcatraz. Any idea how it is doing in the ratings?
Derrick Dennis

Answer: Alcatraz seems to be doing well enough to be renewed for next season. Its chances likely are enhanced by the fact that Fox likely will cancel creator/producer JJ Abrams' other Fox series, Fringe. You don't want to drop two of his series in one season, particularly when rival networks are also vying for his services. So at this point, I'd bet on a Season 2 pickup,

Question: Any news on where we can see the unaired episodes of Lone Star? One reason I ask is because they shot some scenes for the third episode, which never aired, at our business.

Answer: Four unaired episodes of Lone Star remain, with series creator Kyle Killen of Austin currently behind the upcoming NBC spring series Awake after writing the feature film The Beaver, which starred Mel Gibson and was directed by Jodie Foster.

So far to my knowledge the unaired episodes have been shown only during two special free events last spring at Austin's Alamo Drafthouse, with Killen introducing them in person.

At the January 2011 Television Critics Association "press tour" in Los Angeles, Fox entertainment president Kevin Reilly said that the four undercover episodes "may very well end up airing" on the network. But that hasn't happened. It seems likely, though, that all six episodes of Lone Star eventually will end up in some sort of boxed DVD set.