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Q&A: Jan. 24

Unclebarky.com is back from the midseason network TV "press tour" and ready to roll again with your questions. So let's get started.

Question: NBC has advertised that all episodes of Friday Night Lights are available to watch. It seems only episodes 8-12 are available. How can I locate Episode 1?
Madeleine Bereuter

Answer: You're right. That offer apparently was for a limited time only. However, you can go here to get what you've been missing.

Question: A few years ago I saw a lot of press about ESPN producing a movie about the mythic "Ice Bowl" -- the 1967 NFL championship game between the Cowboys and the Packers. Suddenly, all stories ceased. Is the project dead?
Mark Tyler

Answer: Being a Wisconsin native, I've asked that question myself at various ESPN press sessions. Here's the latest. The "Ice Bowl" movie indeed is dead, but ESPN still might make a movie about Packers Coach Vince Lombardi. The network holds the rights to an excellent Lombardi bio, When Pride Still Mattered, written by David Maraniss. Any ESPN movie would be adapted from that book. It's a longshot, though.

Question: What's up with CBS11 reporter Stephanie Lucero's on-air wardrobe? She recently wore something that looked like she found it in the trash can at the circus. It was during an otherwise serious story about a local soldier's wife dealing with his deployment or something. It's hard to pay attention to the story when the reporter is impersonating a clown.

Also, I'm having trouble finding the (Nielsen) numbers for The Apprentice. Please tell us it's tanking locally and nationally.

Answer: I didn't catch that alleged Stephanie Lucero wardrobe malfunction, so can't help you there. She is, however, a solid veteran who generally knows her way around a story. As for The Apprentice, it in fact has pretty much been tanking, with the ongoing sixth edition easily its least-watched yet. There's also been some fierce competition on Sunday nights, though, including Fox's launch of 24 and some high-powered NFL playoff games. NBC has decided to preempt "The Donald" opposite the Super Bowl, but he might have to fend for himself against the Oscars.