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Q&A: Sept. 10

Question: Gee whiz, has my favorite (joking) new talk show, Wendy Williams, been canned already, or just relocated? Big loss for daytime. She was such a charmer!!
Sharon Lowery

Answer: Williams got a six-week afternoon test run on just four Fox stations, including D-FW's Fox4. Its ratings were not as flamboyant as she is, but the show supposedly could return sometime next year on a wider platform. No decision yet, though.

Question: So has there been any movement/rumors as to when Fox4 will go HD? Or should we expect it to be February 2009?
Kevin and Tammy Jerpi

Answer: Fox4 supposedly has brand new, state-of-the-art high-def cameras, both studio and field, packed within the confines of its 400 N. Griffin St. compound. But when they'll finally break them out is still an open question. It could be by sometime late this year, and surely at least by early 2009. For the record, it's been almost a year now since Kathy Saunders told unclebarky.com, "When we do it, we'll do it right."

Question: What's the story behind Rachel Maddow replacing Dan Abrams? I thought he was also in a management position. Was he shoved out or was it something he wanted?
Danny Kunsch

Answer: MSNBC wanted to present itself as a more politically left-leaning network in prime-time to counter Fox News Channel's right-of-center approach. Maddow is avowedly liberal, and Abrams took no openly political stance during his legal issues show. He says he's fine with the change, but of course isn't. The Rachel Maddow Show, which follows Keith Olbermann's Countdown, premiered at 8 p.m. (central) on Monday, Sept. 8th.

Question: What do you think about CBS's CSI: Miami? And when does the new season start?
Jeremy Howell

Answer: CSI: Miami is scheduled to return on Sept. 22nd for its seventh season.

I think it's a watchable enough show, although David Caruso as Horatio Caine has become a parody-palooza with his on-and-off sunglasses routine and terse one-liners. At least he has a sense of humor about it. Here's a video look, courtesy of the CBS Early Show, at what cast member Emily Procter calls "the more comic book version" of the three-pronged CSI franchise.