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Reviewing Discovery's American Tarzan and Netflix's Orange is the New Black (after viewing all 13 Season 4 episodes)

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black reboots to some very serious territory in Season 4 after a too amusing Season 3. Your friendly content provider has watched all 13 episodes, and the review is here.

Also, Discovery Channel’s watchable American Tarzan endurance contest just happens to be dovetailing with the new feature film. But its production values are strictly grimy and gritty. The review is here.

Plus, the latest D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is in, this time covering Monday through Wednesday.
Ed Bark

Cameron Crowe back to roots again with Showtime's Roadies (his first TV series)

Former Rolling Stone teen wunderkind Cameron Crowe makes the music scene anew (as a 58-year-old) with Showime’s Roadies, which premieres on Sunday, June 26th. Our review is here.

Plus, Thursday night’s NBA draft had scant ratings impact locally, as you can see on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Last gasp ratings for Sunday night's Real Housewives of Dallas reunion show

Lousy national numbers for Sunday night’s climactic Real Housewives of Dallas reunion show continued to work against its chances for a Season 2. But one never knows. We put it all in context on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Plus, Tuesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is in.
Ed Bark

Innovative, award-winning reporter Mike Castellucci leaving TEGNA8 for second time

After two tours with Dallas-based TEGNA8, bridged by five years in San Diego, trailblazing reporter Mike Castellucci looks as though he’s leaving D-FW for good. Further details are on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Also, the first-place Texas Rangers continue to make it a very pleasant summer, ratings-wise, for Fox Sports Southwest. Home games do particularly well, as Monday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” shows.
Ed Bark

Game 7 of NBA Finals goes crazy in D-FW ratings; CBS offers more creepy family dynamics in the murderous American Gothic

ABC’s Game 7 of the NBA Finals blasted into the ratings stratosphere Sunday night in D-FW. We have all the numbers right here.

Also, CBS takes another spin with the American Gothic title Wednesday night. But instead of a supernatural-powered small town sheriff, it’s a dysfunctional Boston family with apparent ties to an unsolved string of serial murders. Our review is here.
Ed Bark