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Westward bound for another TV "press tour" extravaganza in sunny Southern California


Le oink a la blanquette, Monsieur Uncle Barky? Photo: Ed Bark

The annual summer Television Critics Association “press tour” beckons anew, and your friendly content provider once again is heeding the call.

It’ll all begin with a bang -- a late Monday afternoon screening of FX’s opening Season 2 episode of Fargo -- before settling into a daily pattern of one interview session after another and usually a nighttime “working” party.

This one stretches all the way from July 27 through Aug. 13th. And for at least one more time, let’s try to go the distance. Which means I’ll again be writing exclusively for New York-based tvworthwatching.com to help make a few ends meet while giving unclebarky.com a break from any postings until my return.

You can find my tvww press tour posts right here, although the site won’t be back up until Monday or at the latest, Tuesday, due to a major server crash. I’ll also be tweeting my brains out -- hopefully not literally -- whenever anything of note happens either on press tour or back in D-FW regarding TV newsroom hires or fires. You can find the tweets via @unclebarkycom.

Meanwhile, I’ve left behind a quartet of reviews of TV attractions that are premiering while I’m away. In chronological order with links, here they are:

***Wet Hot American Summer (Netflix) -- begins streaming on Friday, July 31st.

***West Texas Investors Club (CNBC) -- premieres on Tuesday, Aug. 4th.

***Mr. Robinson (NBC) -- premieres on Wednesday, Aug. 5th.

***America’s Next Weatherman (TBS) -- premieres on Saturday, Aug. 8th.

OK, I think that takes care of everything. And away I go.
Ed Bark

NBC's Mr. Robinson is a school of funk classroom comedy

Craig Robinson, formerly part of The Office cast, gets a chance to front his own comedy series in NBC’s Mrs. Robinson. He’s a funk singer and high school music teacher stuck in a strictly old-school sitcom format. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

TBS' serio-comic (mostly comic) search for America's Next Weatherman

Being a temperature taker is where it’s at in local TV newsrooms across this great drizzly land of ours. So here comes TBS with Funny Or Die Presents The Next Great Weatherman. The winner actually gets something of immediate value beyond a shot at actually being a full-time weatherperson someday. But the search involves a lot of screwing around and play-acting. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

A Rooster (McConaughey) crows in CNBC's West Texas Investors Club

CNBC wanted its own version of Shark Tank. So it went to the dad gum drawling board and came up with West Texas Investors Club.

It doesn’t premiere until Tuesday, Aug. 4th, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves before jaunting off next week to the annual Television Critics Association summer “press tour.” With that said, here’s our review.

Plus, NBC5 hires a new reporter from the Fox affiliate station in St. Louis. And the Wednesday-Thursday D-FW ratings “snapshots” also are posted.
Ed Bark.

Featured early morning reporter Brian Glenn dropped by Dallas-based TEGNA8

Brian Glenn, who joined Dallas-based TEGNA8 in August 2013, is no longer with the station. He was best known for his live segments during the early morning Daybreak program. More details and comments from Glenn are on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark