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Elder acting Brolin turns 68 before Barbra Streisand's eyes

TV vet and Barbara Streisand hubby James Brolin hits the 68 mark on Friday, July 18th.

He broke in as Robert Young's sawbones sidekick on ABC's Marcus Welby, M.D before starring in the same network's Hotel as no-nonsense manager Peter McDermott.

Brolin later stepped into the role of an inept, laughable Ronald Reagan in the controversial 2003 miniseries The Reagans, which was made for CBS and then dumped on sister network Showtime after an outcry on Fox News Channel among others. Now Brolin's son, Josh, is playing George W. Bush in director Oliver Stone's upcoming W.

Here's a clip of the senior Brolin emoting, opposite a vexed Doberman Pinscher, in the 1973 made-for-TV movie Trapped.