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New computers can be hell -- especially when you're running a website

Oh boy, a new computer. Be careful what you wish for.

My 2006 iMac, the one I used to launch unclebarky.com, had been perilously running on a backup hard drive for the past nine months or so. So I finally bought a refurbished 2011 model. Been trying to clear one hurdle after another ever since, particularly with my RapidWeaver publishing system.

It’s finally working, although not as good as it should yet. But for four days, all I could do was tweet and post on Facebook if anything big came up. Something did. Brad Watson surprised his WFAA8 colleagues and station management Monday by deciding to become communications director for Luminant Energy after a stellar 34-year career at the Dallas-based ABC affiliate.

I apologize for not getting that news up in a timely manner. But a lengthy story on Watson, including an interview, at last is posted on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

You also can find the D-FW Nielsen ratings on that same page. Friday’s through Monday’s are here, and Tuesday’s are here. I’ve got lots of other catching up to do, in hopes that the publishing system will get re-ironed out in time. Anyway, thanks again for your patience. Technology is great, except when it isn’t.
Ed Bark