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Time out for some time off

It’s been quite a while since your friendly content provider took a vacation -- or whatever it is they call it. So here comes a break -- until Dec. 9th. Lots of content has been left behind, though. Thanks for your readership and continued support. We’ll be back before I know it.
Ed Bark

Gannett8 is leader of D-FW's November "sweeps" newscast parade

All four combatants won at least one newscast battle. But Gannett8 won the most -- four -- during D-FW’s latest November “sweeps” ratings period. For the complete results, as well as yearly ups and downs, go to the only place you’ll find them -- our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Also, the Thanksgiving Day Nielsen ratings are in. How’d the Dallas Cowboys do? On the field, horribly. In the D-FW numbers, not too bad. The results are right here.

Plus, we have a review of How Murray Saved Christmas, an upcoming animated special featuring the voices of Jason Alexander, Sean Hayes, Dennis Haysbert and Jerry Stiller. Check out the Network News & Reviews page.
Ed Bark

Bravo finally gets to take a bow with its first original scripted series -- Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce

NBC's The Philanthropist premieres Wednesday night. Should you in turn give it much attention? Our review is here. Also, it's said that misery loves company. But former Cowboy Terrell Owens is probably happier that few in these parts watched his big flop Tuesday night on the first episode of ABC's The Superstars. See our latest D-FW ratings "Snapshot" for further details.
Ed Bark

National Geo's Sleepless in America special is cause for unrest

You’ve heard the tired old disclaimer: “I can sleep when I’m dead.” But without enough zzzzzs, RIPs may be coming sooner rather than later. National Geographic Channel’s two-hour Sleepless in America sounds the alarm. And our review is here.
Ed Bark

Cowboys' big prime-time comeback win suprisingly falls a bit short of 1.5 mil viewers mark

Four of this season’s 11 Dallas Cowboys games have surpassed 1.5 million viewers in D-FW. Surprisingly, the 31-28 win at New York on NBC’s Sunday Night Football could not quite make it a fifth.

Complete ratings for the game are on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Bill Cosby's legacy takes a U-turn

Whatever their profession, people very often aren’t what they seem to be. Our commentary on Bill Cosby is on the Network News & Reviews page.

Also, Wednesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is posted.

Plus, there’s a nice new collection of tidbits on our TV Bulletin Board page.
Ed Bark

Tipsy trips for Travel Channel with new series Booze Traveler

Traveling the globe, getting smashed and being paid for it. Behold the Travel Channel’s new 15-episode Booze Traveler. Our review is here.

Also, Tuesday’s D-FW ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

ABC anchor David Muir: it's all in a night's news, whether interviewing the Muppets or making his own pizza

World News Tonight’s David Muir is not your grandfather’s -- or even your older brother’s -- anchor. But he’s lately tops with 25-to-54-year-old viewers, which greatly pleases his network. We take an up-close look at ABC’s matinee idol flag-bearer on our Network News & Reviews page.

Plus, Monday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

You, too, can be an unclebarky.com backer (and it won't cost you a cent)

Unclebarky.com launched more than eight years ago as the D-FW market’s only independent local and national TV website.

There have never been any of those irksome pop-up ads (not that I’d know how to do them, anyway). Nor have there been any subscriber fees (and never will be).

Here’s one way you can help, though, and what better time than the holiday season. If you’re an amazon.com shopper, simply click first on any amazon ad on any unclebarky.com page. You’ll be taken directly to amazon.com to make the purchases you were going to make anyway. The difference being that a small commission will go to your friendly content provider for any buys you make. The size of the commission will depend on the amount you spend.

No purchase is too small, and certainly none are too big. In the past, the holiday months of November and December have generated the heaviest traffic to amazon via unclebarky.com. The money doesn’t exactly pour in. But even $100 a month in commissions covers the expenses of running this site.

Anyway, that’s the pitch, and feel free to tell a friend. Above all, your support and continued readership are always much appreciated. In fact, they’re priceless.
Ed Bark

NBC's State of Affairs showcases Katherine Heigl as addled high-level CIA briefer

The last new broadcast network series of the season, NBC’s super far-fetched State of Affairs, comes calling on Monday, Nov. 17th. Katherine Heigl is at the controls, and our review is here.
Ed Bark

UP network tries to bring Christmas home with Paper Angels

The Hallmark, Lifetime and ABC Family networks are all striving to corner the Christmas market with endless, early starting strings of movies and specials. But your friendly content provider again finds the UP (for “Uplifting”) network worth your time with its own little “Everything You Love About Christmas” collection. Sunday night brings the new movie Paper Angels, which also serves as a promotion for the Salvation Army’s annual Angel Tree Program. It’s a nice little faith-based film, and our review is here.

Plus, Wednesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

Reporters Gabriel Roxas, Jeff Paul joining CBS11 news

D-FW’s CBS11 is re-stocking its news department with a pair of new reporters scheduled to start in December. Details are on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Also, Tuesday’s D-FW Nielsen ratings “snapshot” is posted.
Ed Bark

London's ratings have fallen down -- for latest Cowboys game

The Dallas Cowboys’ 10th regular season game, a 31-17 whipping of the Jaguars, originated from “across the pond.” But the D-FW ratings weren’t all that ducky. Complete details, plus numbers for all of Saturday’s big college football games, are on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Plus, weekend morning meteorologist Lindsay Riley is leaving NBC5 after two years at the Fort Worth-based station. More info is here.

Also, thanks to one and all for your kind words and thoughts during last week’s recovery from a scheduled heart procedure designed to get it beating regularly again. So far it is, after a five-hour process that knocked me out -- literally. Amazing what can be done via tubes, scopes, etc. OK, enough. And again, my heartfelt thanks.
Ed Bark

Ratings sweeps month news that may shock or surprise you: Uncle Barky has a heart (which needs an adjustment)

Unclebarky.com will be inactive for the next couple of days -- and hopefully no more than that -- while your friendly content provider has a procedure designed to restore a regular heartbeat and keep it that way.

There’s no cutting or Pacemaker involved. But it is fairly lengthy and will require just a little down time. Anyway, that’s the story and the reason why this website will stay as it is -- with no new content -- for just a little bit.

Your support and readership are always appreciated. And an energy spike is the hoped for outcome after they overhaul the engine a bit.
Ed Bark

Cowboys slide in ratings, too

About 350,000 fewer D-FW viewers watched backup quarterback Brandon Weeden’s unwatchable performance Sunday in a 28-17 loss to Arizona.

The complete weekend ratings report is on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark