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Why is NBC doing this to Revolution?

NBC's announced mid-season programming changes include a prolonged absence for fall's No. 1 new show in the advertiser-prized 18-to-49-year-old demographic. Very curious treatment indeed for Revolution. We look at all the angles and tell you what else is coming up on NBC -- on the TV Bulletin Board page.

Also, the latest D-FW Nielsen ratings are as usual on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page. Click here for Monday's and here for Tuesday's. Or simply go to the page and have a little scroll.
Ed Bark.

Long name, bigger jump: Lindsay Schwarzwaelder moving from TV market 64 to join NBC5 weather team in No. 5 D-FW

NBC5 has hired Lindsay Schwarzwaelder as a weekend meteorologist. She broke the news on her Facebook page before any official announcement from the Fort Worth-based station. Way of the world. More details on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Uncle Barky back among the living -- website-wise

A bout with "Super Storm" Sandy floored our Manhattan-based server for part of Monday and most of today. But unclebarky.com is now back online. Celebrate (or not) by reading the account of Monday's unprecedented gathering of D-FW's five women TV news directors. Complete with pictures. It's all on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Plus, we have the D-FW ratings for Sunday's gut-wrenching Dallas Cowboys game and other weekend attractions.
Ed Bark

CW33's new Nightcap News will be disinviting meteorologist Rebecca Miller

Dallas-based CW33's new look, retitled 9 p.m. news presentation will not be needing the services of veteran meteorologist Rebecca Miller. Several sources at the station say she got the official word on Thursday. Details are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Also, Game 2 of the World Series hit for a significantly higher average in the D-FW Nielsen ratings while Fox4's newscasts overall had the strongest starts on Day 1 of the four-week November "sweeps" ratings period.
Ed Bark

Another reunion: Kirstie Alley, Rhea Perlman will co-star in new TV Land sitcom

TV Land's latest effort to turn old sitcom stars into new sitcom stars will team Cheers alums Kirstie Alley and Rhea Perlman in Giant Baby. Details, along with other new 'n' tasty TV tidbits, are on our Bulletin Board page.
Ed Bark

Tracy, Iola and Troy -- sharing a TV screen for first time since 1985

Tracy Rowlett, Iola Johnson and Troy Dungan were the star TV news personalities that sparked WFAA8's emergence as a ratings giant in the mid-1970s. They'll be back in play for at least one day on Tuesday, Oct. 30th. Details and pictures are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Rangers-less World Series doesn't play well in D-FW on opening night

Game 1 of the San Francisco Giants-Detroit Tigers World Series had a rough ratings night in D-FW. The score sheet is on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Reporter Jobin Panicker latest to join WFAA8 newsroom; NBC on prime-time roll in early stages of new season

Dallas-based WFAA8 continues to re-stock its reporting staff with the hiring of Jobin Panicker from Fresno's KSEE-TV. Earlier this week, the ABC affiliate confirmed that it's adding Austin anchor-reporter Jason Wheeler to its newsroom. Details are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page, where you also can find Tuesday's D-FW ratings "snapshot."

Also, NBC is the surprise leader among advertiser-prized 18-to-49-year-olds through four weeks of the new season. Sunday Night Football again is the Peacock's pace-setter, but this time it has some reinforcements. Our story is on the Network News & Reviews page.
Ed Bark

Anchor-reporters Latoya Silmon, Jason Wheeler respectively join Fox4/WFAA8

A pair of newsroom hires emerged Tuesday at D-FW's Fox4 and WFAA8. Details on the arrivals of Latoya Silmon and Jason Wheeler are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page, which also has two other local news developments.
Ed Bark

D-FW ratings sag for final presidential debate

Foreign policy can be an icky topic for many. Add competition from pro baseball and football, and you have a recipe for diminished debate returns in D-FW. Our complete breakdown is here.
Ed Bark

Debate followup: debating the Tweeters who resorted to tired "liberal bias" charges

Hmm, I thought the Republicans won the first two debates -- presidential and veep. And no one called me a right-wing nut on Twitter. But now I'm a biased lefty for daring to judge President Obama as the clear winner in his final debate with Mitt Romney. Not gonna take it. Naming names and calling out the knee-jerkers on the Network News & Reviews page.
Ed Bark

WFAA8's comedy relief news puts Pete's beard in play

WFAA8 management can be long on sanctimony when it comes to the "serious" business of news. But no major D-FW rival goofs around nearly as much. Monday's Exhibit A was weathercaster Pete Delkus returning from Montana with a beard in play. Whatever works. Details and pictures are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Cowboys win unimpressively, drop precipitously in D-FW ratings

The Cowboys' 19-14 road win at Carolina Sunday evened their record at 3-3 but also dropped the team to fewer than one million viewers for the first time in almost two years. Details are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

The life and death of Big Tex (who really wasn't a person, people!)

At least one D-FW television station is encouraging people to watch its "start-to-finish, smoke to ashes" video of Big Tex's demise as though it were a public execution. Others are showing a bit more restraint, or even laughing at all the fuss. Including a mock Big Tex himself via his inevitable very own Twitter feed. Our take is on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

HBO's The Girl casts "Hitch" as he never would have cast himself

The Girl, premiering Saturday, Oct. 20th on HBO, trains on Alfred Hitchcock's alleged sexual blackmail of actress Tippi Hedren. And it certainly has the ring of truth and documentation about it. Our review is here.

Also, Thursday's D-FW Nielsen ratings are in. And there are some numbers that jump out, including the really piddling crowd for SMU's 72-42 team scoring record rout of Houston.
Ed Bark

HGTV's Home Strange Home puts out its own "Welcome" mat

Produced by Dallas-based AMS Pictures and originally a one-hour special, Home Strange Home returns to HGTV as a full-fledged weekly series on Friday, Oct. 19th. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

Espionage comes calling in new Cinemax series Hunted

Cinemax, longtime junior partner of HBO, takes another dip into original series programming with the Friday debut of Hunted. It's Nikita-esque in a way, but some of the plotting also can get in the way in this "world of international espionage." Our review is here.

Also, NBC's cancellation of Animal Practice tops the bill of fare on our latest TV Bulletin Board page. And Wednesday's D-FW Nielsen ratings are also in the house.
Ed Bark

HBO's Ethel is both watchable and highly varnished

Ethel, featuring an extended interview with Ethel Kennedy by her youngest child, Rory, premieres Thursday, Oct. 18th on HBO. Great footage at times, but its subject remains reticent and some subjects obviously must have been off-limits. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

Boffo ratings in D-FW for Round 2 of Obama-Romney

Tuesday's action-packed face-off between President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney drew a very big D-FW crowd, but not actual blood. The complete 10-network ratings breakdown is on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark

Under the big top: some intriguing job descriptions for talent at CW33's new 9 p.m. "circus"

Dallas-based, Tribune-owned CW33's new 9 p.m. (news?) presentation is tentatively set for a Nov. 1 debut. Some of the job descriptions are rather different. See the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page for a lot more details.
Ed Bark

Fey/Poehler to be new Golden Globes combo; Walking Dead goes nuts in ratings

Our TV Bulletin Board page is catching up with a slew of tidbits, several involving NBC's rises, falls and announcements. The Monday D-FW Nielsen ratings also are in.
Ed Bark

FX's American Horror Story: Asylum can't get past being just plain sick

Season 2 of FX's American Horror Story (with Asylum added to the title) returns Jessica Lange in a new role as a demonic Catholic nun. Surrounded by other new characters -- and a mostly new cast -- she can't rise above the overall gratuitous depravity. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

Mamie Gummer working way past daughter-of-famous-mom syndrome in CW's Emily Owens, M.D.

The resemblance is unmistakable. Still, Mamie Gummer shines through her resemblance to Meryl Streep in the new Emily Owens, M.D.. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

AMC's The Walking Dead returns to its killing fields

A new season of the most violent series in the history of advertiser-supported TV will be back among the living on Sunday, Oct. 14th. Our review of Season 3's opening Walking Dead episodes is here.

Plus, the veep debate ratings for D-FW show that two Foxes had a field day.
Ed Bark

Nashville premiere a bit off-key in D-FW Nielsens

ABC's heavily acclaimed Nashville premiered Wednesday night. How'd it do? So-so, but all in all not too bad. See our latest D-FW ratings "snapshot" for specifics.
Ed Bark

CBS11 reporter Melissa Newton leaving to join meteorologist/new hubby in OKC

Domino effect: A recent chain of events, including her marriage last month, has prompted CBS11 reporter Melissa Newton to leave DFW's CBS11. She's set for a late November departure. Details on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Also, CBS' Made in Jersey "wins" the race to be fall's first new series cancellation while ABC Family announces the impending end of its longest-running scripted series. More on the TV Bulletin Board page.
Ed Bark

Here comes The CW's cartoonish Beauty and the Beast (but without a singing teapot)

The CW continues to belatedly roll out its trio of new fall series with yet another "re-imagining" of Beauty and the Beast. This time he's a scarred, super-powered veteran of Afghanistan hostilities. Our review is here.

Also, Tuesday's D-FW Nielsen ratings show that crime again pays for CBS -- to a point.
Ed Bark

Chicago Fire: NBC's new/old flame

Another group of heroic flame-fighters and paramedics roll into view via NBC's Chicago Fire. Your friendly content provider does not have a hunka hunka burning love for it, but there's some potential. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

Hit single: ABC's Nashville is fall season's best new leaf

ABC's Nashville debuts on Wed., Oct. 10th, with Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere playing warring country singers of different styles and generations. They do all of their own songs, too, and that's also a nice plus. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

Arrow scores a few points (heh-heh) for The CW

This week brings the last big wave of new fall series, and Arrow is one of them. The CW action yarn premieres Wednesday, Oct. 10th. Our review is here.
Ed Bark

CBS11 tries to increase traffic for early morn news with "Rollin' with Drolen" spot

It's not the most artful local news spot in recent memory. But at least CBS11 is trying to heat up its very slowly improving early morning ratings. Check out the promo for recently hired traffic stopper/anchor Whitney Drolen.

Also, the weekend D-FW Nielsen ratings are in the house.
Ed Bark

Rangers go out on high note (but only in D-FW ratings)

The Texas Rangers' Friday night stinker ended up being their most-watched game of the season. It easily outdrew the debut of pitcher Yu Darvish way back in all-aglow April. Get the details on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Plus, ABC makes a unique engagement announcement for one of its GMA stars while NBC signs survivalist Bear Grylls to growl at tenderfoots in a new summertime reality series. Particulars are on the TV Bulletin Board page.
Ed Bark

Lifetime's Steel Magnolias remake with an all-black cast stands up well to original

One of the best Lifetime movies in years is coming Sunday, Oct. 7th. Even it's a re-do. Our review of Steel Magnolias, with an all-black cast this time out, is on the Network News & Reviews page.
Ed Bark

Romney vs. Obama: a virtually unanimous decision

The first of three debates between President Obama and Mitt Romney is in the books. And by most accounts, Obama never laid a mitt on him. Our take, after a 90-minute round of live tweeting, is on the Network News & Reviews page.

Also, see how the debate ratings played on 10 different networks in D-FW.
Ed Bark

Anchor Salinas, meteorologist Miller will stay on at CW33 for waning months of contracts

The "transitioning" at Dallas-based CW33 -- or bloodletting in the eyes of those directly affected -- is pretty much over after two days of sobering meetings with staffers. The biggest news from Tuesday: Anchor Amanda Salinas and meteorologist Rebecca Miller are set to remain at the station until their contracts expire in January. Further details are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Also, the crumbling Texas Rangers are still a hit in D-FW's Tuesday Nielsen ratings. And our TV Bulletin Board page has info. on the latest batch of prime-time renewals.
Ed Bark

"Comments" go down for the count

Regular readers of this site likely have noticed the absence of a "Comments" mechanism since Monday. You're owed an explanation of why we've decided to forge ahead without that apparatus. And here it is.
Ed Bark

CW33 "transitioning" claims two full-time reporters and numerous off-camera staffers in Monday's first round

Dallas-based CW33's gutting of its news room staff began in earnest Monday, with more to come during Tuesday's second round. A report is on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Also, the Dallas Cowboys' mauling at the hand of the visiting Bears added up to the team's lowest ratings to date after four regular season games. Monday's Nielsen local Nielsen ratings "snapshot" is here.
Ed Bark

A rough, redundant start for KTXD-TV's Texas Daily

KTXD-TV's The Texas Daily launched Monday morning, with Tracy Rowlett and Troy Dungan its first pair of "pundits." My opinion: much work needs to be done. A full review is on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

Also, former CW33 meteorologist Bob Goosmann lands a new permanent weathercasting position. Plus, the weekend D-FW Nielsen ratings are in as we begin a new month of publishing.

And on the national front, the Oscars have named a new host. And who would have figured it would be Family Guy; creator Seth MacFarlane? Details are on the Network News & Reviews page.
Ed Bark