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WFAA8's post-Oprah plans for now won't be news-worthy (but should they be?)

The Oprah Winfrey Show has been a fixture on Dallas-based WFAA8 since the 1980s. Now the station at last has a chance to reboot. Unclebarky.com makes the argument for inserting a local newscast while also detailing what WFAA8 in fact plans to do.

Plus, Friday's royal wedding coverage had big national ratings, particularly for the highlights and replays. We have the numbers on our Network News & Reviews page.

Also, on my home away from home, locatetv.com, your friendly content provider takes a look at what series will stay in place and which ones are either officially dead or endangered as the network's prepare to announce their new fall schedules in mid-May. Click here for ABC, here for CBS, here for Fox and here for NBC.

Finally, it's another new month, with some pages already in the April archives following May 1st posts. It's also again time to remind readers who enjoy this site to register your approval by first clicking on one of the Amazon ads on unclebarky.com before making any purchases. Four percent of each sale then will go to yours truly. Every penny helps to keep this site going. So once again, thanks for any help.
Ed Bark