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Man bites dog? No, but local TV reporter crawls through "doggie door"

This just in: An oversized "doggie door" prompted a burglar to enter a Dallas home through it and heist more than $5,000 in electronics and jewelry.

Intrepid CBS11 reporter J.D. Miles had the prominently played story Tuesday on a 10 p.m. newscast plagued with early audio problems. But viewers still got a clear picture of the 6 foot, 170 pound Miles crawling through the dog door to show it could be done. The opening otherwise is used by the homeowner's pet Chihuahua, Walter.

Let's just say that Miles went the extra mile. And that colleague Scott Sams or NBC5's Mike Snyder probably wouldn't have fit. But boy, it can be tough duty over at show-and-tell CBS11. Miles likely got a high five from new news director Regent Ducas. He should balk, though, if he's ever asked to sweep up after the elephants.