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Sunday night trifecta: reviewing The Orville, The Deuce and Top of the Lake: China Girl

They’re all airing in part or entirely opposite Sunday’s prime-time Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants season opener on NBC.

But there many other ways, if you choose, to later watch Fox’s The Orville, HBO’s The Deuce and/or Sundance TV’s Top of the Lake: China Girl.

The latter two get high praise here. You’re encouraged to read all about all three on the Network News & Reviews page.

Our review of The Orville is here.

Look for our take on The Deuce here.

And we have much more on Top of the Lake: China Girl right here.

Plus, the Kansas City Chiefs’ big upset of the New England Patriots fueled the D-FW ratings for Thursdays NFL regular season kickoff on NBC. All the details are on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark