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Biased while pretending to be otherwise: CNN's Reliable Sources and Fox News Channel's Media Buzz

Both shows are supposed to be media watchdogs without any bias when it comes to evaluating how news stories are handled or over-handled. But Howard Kurtz and Brian Stelter, respective hosts of Fox News Channel’s Media Buzz and CNN’s Reliable Sources, were toadies in the service of their corporate masters during Sunday’s analysis of how cable news networks have covered the missing Malaysian Flight 370. We take a lengthy look at how the two competing programs forfeited their credibility. It’s all on the Network News & Reviews page.

Plus, the weekend D-FW Nielsen ratings show the might of AMC’s The Walking Dead.

Also, reporter Doug Magditch of Dallas-based CW33 is leaving for another opportunity. More details on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.
Ed Bark