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Hire all of them! Immediately!

SMU students of unclebarky.com act happy about it. Photo: Ed Bark

SMU school of journalism teacher Lucy Scott gave her students a daunting if not dispiriting task this semester. As part of her "Current Issues in the News" class, she required them to study the independent coverage of local TV news on unclebarky.com.

As you can see from the above picture, they've emerged as a distinguished group of enlightened scholars. I met them for the first time on Monday morning, and they didn't seem too crestfallen.

Scott, a former reporter for CBS News and Belo8, says her students avidly tackled the subject matter. And there reportedly is now interest in naming a restroom in honor of Uncle Barky. Or if not that, a closet.

It was great to meet this first group of unclebarky.com underclasswomen/men. And it's hoped their parents will understand.
Ed Bark