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Brothers -- can you spare a few minutes?

The new Fox fall sitcom Brothers isn't a huge stretch for former New York Giants defender Michael Strahan, who's co-starring as a recently retired NFL star.

Whether he can act a lick is another thing entirely. But his opinionated, controlling momma is being played by the estimable CCH Pounder, who matched Michael Chiklis scene for scene in FX's The Shield.

Carl (Rocky) Weathers is also in the mix. And Daryl "Chill" Mitchell has been cast as, wouldn't ya know it, a restaurant owner named Chill. He's in a wheelchair and Strahan, as his brother, Mike, has returned home after being bilked by his business manager.

It's all set in Houston. And other than the CW, no broadcast network has put on a new, so-called "urban" comedy in quite a while. Then again, Brothers is perilously scheduled on Friday nights, where Fox hasn't rung up any real ratings since The X-Files relocated to Sundays after the 1995-96 season.

Anyway, here's a highlight clip provided by Fox.
Ed Bark