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What a cute baby

Unclebarky.com turned one-week old on Sunday afternoon. And look, it's already walking.

Your proprietor, the quintessential stranger in a strange land, is now semi-versed in RSS feeds, Rapid Weaver, links, hits, pasting, j-pegging and other Internet terms that mostly had escaped me in an earlier life as The Dallas Morning News' longtime TV critic. My Yoda is 20-year-old stepson Carl Morgan, who's been walking me through all of this with an amazing blend of patience and techno-savvy. Without him, I'm nowhere. So far it's been a head-spinning, brain-draining, bone-tiring, exhilarating experience.

The exhilaration comes from the many people who have emailed their support and hit on the site. Unclebarky.com had 31,038 page views in its first week in ether-land. People are telling me that's damned good, and who am I to argue with them. I've also learned that visitors have to click on those little google ads on the right hand side to generate a few pennies in revenue for Uncle B, alias Ed Bark. Consider yourself pitched.

I'm only one person, and I'm dancing as fast as I can to bring you a timely, readable mix of television news and commentary, both national and local. My feet still aren't quite under me, but it's getting better all the time. I hope you'll also read the music reviews from my son, Sam, and the dispatches from China via my daughter, Liz. We've had some still puzzling technical problems keeping their respective pages up, but they're back in view as of this writing.

So thank you most kindly for all the incredibly nice words, battle cries, suggestions and criticisms. I'll do my very best to keep your faith. And we'll be adding new wrinkles and pages to the site as it grows in small doses while hopefully growing on you.

The overall goal, though, is to keep the site simple and navigable. I think of it as more of a reporting site than a blog. So I'll be getting out and about more and more in the coming weeks and months. But please remember, I can't cover everything. It'd be nice to retain a semblance of a life while also giving my very best effort to make this site stick.

One more thing: You'll never have to pre-register or pay even the tiniest subscription fee. Unclebarky.com will always be free of that stuff.

Thank you again. You've been a great audience so far.
Ed Bark