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Earmarking of a different sort: Cell phone usage in a steam room

This basically has nothing to do with TV, although a D-FW station presumably could flip it into a "trend" story. But here goes anyway.

After working out yesterday at a Garland fitness emporium, I hit a very steamy co-ed steam room. So did a woman with her cell phone. She began to loudly yak on it and never stopped. A good 20 minutes later, she was in the whirlpool, still talking away. So much for peace and serenity.

It's the first time I'd witnessed cell phone usage in a steam room and whirlpool. But in more upscale exercise places, perhaps this is commonplace.

Anyway, it pissed me off, maybe for no good reason. Got any odd cell phone usage stories of your own? Or am I just being a grump? Thank ya.
Ed Bark