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Exclusive: Prison Break getting out of town after Season 2 ends

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PASADENA, Calif. -- Fox's Prison Break plans to leave Dallas behind after production on the show's second season wraps in mid-March.

The network probably will greenlight a third season, but most of it would be filmed elsewhere, Fox entertainment Peter Liguori told unclebarky.com Saturday.

"I have a good idea of where they will be going. It's very unlikely to be in Dallas, but we might shoot some stuff in Dallas," he said.

The show's principal publicist, Todd Adair, said Prison Break will have its second season finale on April 2nd.

"Where the story will end, you'll see that they don't have to be Dallas-based," he said. Prison Break returns to Fox on Monday night at 7 p.m. with the 14th of this season's 22 episodes.

"At this point we haven't made a definitive decision (on renewing Prison Break), but they have a very exciting third season planned," Liguori said.

The Fox programming chief said the show's actors, producers and crew "loved working in Dallas. Just as a viewer of the show, I loved it because it opened it up. It was vibrant and in an odd way you almost felt like it was the Great American Rebel travel guide. It was almost like a road movie. They had a great experience. When you're in February it's a helluva lot nicer to be in Dallas than in Chicago (where the first season was filmed).

That hasn't been true of late, due to an ongoing cold snap in North Texas. But Prison Break has helped to heat up the area economy since production began in the heart of last summer's searing heat.

Dallas Film Commission head Janis Burklund couldn't immediately be reached for comment Saturday on Prison Break's all but certain decision to pull up stakes and head elsewhere. After this season's finale, the escapist drama will give way on Mondays to the new road race series Drive, featuring former Firefly star Nathan Fillion.