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New month, recurring publishing problems

Maybe I just need a new computer, because this 2006 IMAC has taken a tremendous beating from unclebarky.com since being pressed into service in September 2006. It's now running on a backup hard drive after the first one blew its transmission.

Still, it's kind of like your first car. Hate to trade it in.

So here's why the website is a bit "off" at the start of May.

A new month always requires re-publication of an entire page's files, with the old month being archived. On the most-posted pages, Dallas-Fort Worth TV and Network News & Reviews, those files respectively are close to 2,000 and a bit over 1,300.

Using the Rapid Weaver publishing system, this usually means that everything will go through during non-peak Internet usage hours. But that hasn't happened this time, despite an all-nighter Tuesday.

End result so far: the archives links don't work on both of the aforementioned pages. But you can still access a story of interest by going to google or yahoo and typing in the subject matter and my name -- either Ed Bark or Uncle Barky.

The two pictures also are missing on the first Network News & Reviews entry for May. They're always the last to re-publish for some reason.

Anyway, I'll persist in getting this resolved, and may simply have to reduce the total number of files by deleting some of the really old ones.

Thanks for your support and patience. Publishing quirks are commonplace on websites large and small. This is something of a one-person tin can operation, but we'll get it worked out.

In the meantime, the latest D-FW ratings and another new local post for May are viewable as usual on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page. And you can continue to support unclebarky.com by first clicking on one of the Amazon ads on any page before making the purchases you were going to make anyway. A small percentage of your total shopping bill then makes its way back to your friendly content provider.

Thanks again, and "Follow" Uncle Barky on Twitter if you'd like on @unclebarkycom.
Ed Bark