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Jay talking -- and other new stuff inside (updated)

Drawing from a teleconference earlier this week, we take a long look at Jay Leno and the risk he's taking with his new five-nights-a-week, prime-time comedy hour. Includes pictures and a short comedy film at the end. Also, the latest D-FW Nielsen ratings are a bonanza for Thursday night's NFL kickoff. There's a new TV Bulletin Board, too. And we've got an already evocative clip featuring three former WFAA8 news personalities who were still with the Dallas-based station just a couple of years back.

Plus we'd like to remind you a final time about the "Take Dale Out to the Ballgame" fund, which actually benefits the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation for underprivileged kids. If you enjoy this site -- or just love to hate it -- please send a buck or two in support of a far worthier cause. All the details are here.
Ed Bark