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What's the frequency, Kenneth?

TXA21 prime-time news anchors Kenneth Taylor and Tracy Kornet

Maybe an in-studio Peanut Gallery's coming next?

TXA21's First in Prime newscasts have launched what the station describes as "an aggressive on-air and online campaign" that will include viewer chats with anchors Kenneth Taylor and Tracy Kornet during the 7 to 9 p.m. program.

This would have greatly helped President Lyndon Johnson, who famously phoned Walter Cronkite during the CBS Evening News but couldn't get through to bitch about something. Were LBJ alive today, he at least could tell Kornet via the Internet, "Ya'll sure do look purdy tonight, honey. C'mon up to the ranch when ya get a chance."

TXA21 senior vice president and station manager Gary Schneider says he's intent on "doing the newscast in a way that's never been done in Dallas-Fort Worth." In a news release, Schneider encourages viewers to "get directly involved with the broadcast by sending in anything from mobile phone video of severe weather in their neighborhood to photos of their children in Halloween costumes."

Schneider is most pumped, though, about the live online chat aspect. "Now that's instant, personal connectivity!" he says.

Well, we'll see. But if you want to participate, email iTexas@ktxa.tv or go online here. As an icebreaker, tell 'em how much you love unclebarky.com.