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Making an o'fool of O'Reilly?

Did Fox News Channel's Bill O'Reilly despise Redacted enough to refuse an ad for it on his show? One of its co-producers and distributors, Mark Cuban, decided to put The O'Reilly Factor to the test, with interesting results. You can find Cuban's pointed account on his blog, where he also accuses O'Reilly of at least indirectly instigating bomb threats against his businesses and of causing his Fallen Patriot Fund's Web site to crash for the first time ever last Thursday (Nov. 15).

O'Reilly has repeatedly attacked Redacted as "vile garbage" and worse for its portrayal of U.S. soldiers in Iraq. The O'Reilly offensive coincided with Dan Rather telling The New York Daily News that the Dallas Mavericks owner had been "sensationally good to me" during his first year as anchor of Dan Rather Reports on Cuban's HDNet. What a country.
Ed Bark