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Poke at the Pope: Showtime's The Borgias depicts the Holy Father as The Godfather

The Tudors gave Showtime a four-season run through the iniquities of King Henry VIII. The network follows up Sunday night with The Borgias, which depicts the wretched excesses of Pope Alexander VI, beginning in the year after li'l Hank was born. Our review is here.

Also, reports from Detroit say that Charlie Sheen bombed big time on opening night of his "Violent Torpedo of Truth" tour. He's due in Dallas on April 27th, but will he make it this far? And if so, who's idiotic enough to go see him -- even if you already have a ticket?

Plus, our earlier posted reviews of two other big Sunday night attractions have reverted to the March 2011 archives. You can find AMC's The Killing here and ReelzChannel's The Kennedys here.

Not quite done yet. Thursday's D-FW Nielsen ratings are here, with all of our previous coverage of early morning local TV intrigues now in the March 2011 archives on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page.

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Ed Bark