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Archival action

It's another new month, which means that September posts will be archiving on various unclebarky.com pages. We begin with the first October post on the Dallas-Fort Worth TV page, where you'll find news about former WFAA8 anchor Jeff Brady and current Fox4 sports anchor Mike Doocy. Also, if you still haven't read where WFAA8's Darla Miles is going, click on this archival post.

Archives for any and all pages are along the right-hand border. Just scroll down a bit and click on the month you're interested in.

Also, thanks again to all who made their amazon.com or netflix purchases after first clicking on the ads on unclebarky.com. We get a small percentage of the proceeds, and it helps in small ways to keep this site functioning. Special thanks to the reader who bought both the mono and stereo Beatles boxed sets on amazon via unclebarky.com. That meant double-digit dollars for your friendly content provider. It may sound like peanuts, but it feels like a windfall. Plus my heart goes pitter-pat.

Take a look at our other advertisers as well. And you can place your own ad by clicking on the red "Advertise on Uncle Barky" logo on upper right hand borders.

OK, monthly reminders accomplished. Above all, thanks for your continued interest and readership.
Ed Bark