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A beautiful wedding and some dutiful catching up

Joseph and Liz on their very big, rainbow-themed day. Photo: Dad

My darlin' daughter, Liz, is now extremely happily married to the terrific Joseph Riley. And Dad has returned from Florida and is back in the trenches at unclebarky.com.

But first, what's that strange sound in the distance as these words make their way into print? Why, it's thunder. So rain, rain, don't go away! Come here and stay in play for a while.

OK, back to the catch-up teases. You can get a full-blown week's worth of local Nielsen ratings on our Dallas-Fort Worth TV page. Included are the highs for Sunday night's Cowboys pre-season game and the very lows for the first two episodes of Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas.

And on the Network News & Reviews page, we have a commentary on the official hiring of Al Sharpton as MSNBC's latest left-leaning, full-time program host.
Ed Bark