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Reviewing Amazon Prime's Hand of God after full Season 1 immersion

Amazon Prime’s Hand of God, which began streaming on Friday, Sept. 4th, has a number of familiar TV faces, including Ron Perlman, Dana Delany and Garret Dillahunt. But Dallas-based Erykah Badu also has a strong recurring role as a philosophical marijuana provider. Our review, based on all 10 Season 1 episodes, is right here.

Also, violence still faces few roadblocks, but sex is quite another thing on advertiser-supported broadcast and cable networks. Even though some producers with newfound freedom on the likes of Netflix are easing off the throttle for fear of alienating fans who first watched the shows with broadcast network restrictions in place. Read all about it on our Network News & Reviews page.

Plus, the holiday weekend D-FW Nielsen ratings put a non-Texas school attraction at the head of the big opening college football parade.
Ed Bark