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A little night music (and for KXAS/Ch.5 that used to mean lots of sax appeal)

November has rolled over into the archives on the most heavily posted unclebarky.com pages. We begin December with a look back at a still fairly stylish 1988 "Night Team" promo for Fort Worth-based KXAS-TV before it became NBC5 under the thumb of network ownership.

Also, the latest D-FW Nielsen ratings chart the numbers for Monday's trio of competing evergreen Christmas specials. And on the Network News & Reviews page, ABC touts "One Night, One Big Event." Hint: Barbara Walters is heavily involved.

We'll also issue our monthly reminder to amazon.com shoppers. You can send a few pennies worth of commission into the unclebarky.com piggy bank if you first click on one of the amazon ads on any of our pages before making your purchases. We greatly appreciate those readers who already make this part of their amazon shopping routine. Every penny helps to keep this website both free of charge and completely independent when it comes to reporting on both local and national TV.

Thanks as always for your continued readership and support.
Ed Bark