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There's just something about the name Simpson

A few basic questions on dumb belle Jessica Simpson's latest Daisy Mae day. Just what the hell was she doing at the Kennedy Center Honors anyway? How does that compute? Who invited her to perform in tribute to honoree Dolly Parton? Have the admission standards plunged all the way down to her level? Maybe she thought they were the KFC Honors, but the organizers should have known better.

For those who haven't heard yet, Simpson blew the lyrics to Nine to Five, even though cue cards were in place. Then she hustled off in tears after saying, "Dolly, you make me so nervous I can't even sing the words right."

Now the annual Kennedy Center Honors telecast, scheduled for Dec. 26 on CBS, will be sullied one or the way other. If Simpson hits the cutting room floor, critics will charge CBS with altering the reality of the ceremony. If she's included, then her performance becomes the Center's center-ring attraction, re-detracting from what's supposed to be one of the performing arts' classiest nights.

Simpson will never go to the head of anyone's class. Putting her in close proximity with honorees Parton, Steven Spielberg, Zubin Mehta, Smokey Robinson and Andrew Lloyd Webber was a dumber idea than even she could muster. What is this, Bozo's Circus?