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Possible midseason ABC legal drama getting ready to shoot in Dallas

Unfair Park's ever-prolific and resourceful Robert Wilonsky reports that a previously announced midseason ABC legal drama, The Deep End, will be filmed in Dallas.

It's packed with newcomers save for Billy Zane, whose previous credits range from Titanic to The Phantom, which actually was kinda under-rated.

Twentieth Century Fox Television is making the series for ABC, with Dallas masquerading as Los Angeles.

Dallas Film Commission president Janis Burklund tells Wilonsky that ABC has committed to a six-episode order, although "there's a good chance there will be more." They all say that.

Meanwhile, we're still waiting for that oft-announced/renounced Dallas feature film to be made here. John Travolta, who once upon a time was inked to play J.R. Ewing, may be able to segue right into the role of his pappy, Jock, by the time anyone actually pulls the trigger on this one.
Ed Bark