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Woo-hoo: Unclebarky.com hits the century mark

Fledgling unclebarky. com reached a milestone at mid-afternoon Friday, hitting the 100,000 mark in total page views. The site was launched from unclebarky HQ in Garland, TX on Sept. 17 of this year.

This is a mere pittance compared to the Goliaths of the etherworld, and might even qualify as a pimple on an elephant's behind when compared to other Dallas-based sites such as FrontBurner and Unfair Park. But I'm celebrating anyway. This has been a start-from-scratch operation without any bankrollers in tow. It depends solely on you, its faithful readers, to keep the faith. So take a deep bow. You know who you are.

A little extra advertising wouldn't hurt either, of course. But my very grateful thanks go out to The Lodge for buying into unclebarky.com in its early stages. OK, enough. Except to say that, in the end, only you can help the site to live long and prosper as an objective TV watchdog in the country's 6th largest market. So far so good. And your continued patronage is sincerely appreciated.
Ed Bark