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And here I thought NBC5 was just givin' me the finger

Yeah, I wondered what the hell this was, too.

NBC5's remodeled web site, nbcdfw.com, gets a lot of old-school, on-air promotion during both day and night. A new feature, the so-called "Golden Local," lately has been making the rounds. It's described as "14 inches of gold-colored spinning status," even though its cowboy-hatted likeness (above) appears to be telling viewers to stick it.

There's currently a less than raging "Golden Local" competition for "Best Barbecue," which as of this early Wednesday afternoon is being led by Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse over Railhead Smokehouse.

Both eateries' logos and links to their Web sites are included, and they're the only barbecue pits you can vote for. So if you smell a pair of paid ads, well, these are tough times.

Meanwhile, the new NBC5 site is stripped of what used to be a wealth of anchor/reporter blogs. The old nbc5i.com had a league leading 17 of 'em, including this classic dispatch from anchor Jane McGarry. We're also being deprived of anchor Mike Snyder's weight loss updates, which had just gotten started.

Now they're all gone. And all we get in return is a stinkin' fool's gold statue givin' us the finger.