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The Uncle Barky Show has one to grow on

Many thanks to all who attended the first Uncle Barky Show Saturday afternoon. Guest Gordon Keith of "The Ticket" was funny and also surprisingly introspective. I think the audience got a chance to see the real Gordo in addition to the guy they hear on the radio. And that's one of our main objectives in doing this.

Pegasusnews.com filmed the entire program, and plans to post it soon. We'll keep you posted.

Also, thanks to Stratos Greek Taverna, a great venue for the show, and good friend Michael Precker, its chief organizer and cheerleader.

We plan to do the show monthly, with CBS11 anchor Tracy Rowlett our next scheduled guest on a date to be announced in January.

And yes, the banner ad above is dated at this point, but we'll put up a new one as soon as it's sent our way.

(Note: November postings on "Above the Fold" are now in that month's archives. So if you need to catch up, just give it a click.)
Ed Bark