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Uncle Barky's Countdown to Christmas: Episode 8

The 1986 Dallas Cowboys had a very un-merry time of it, finishing 7-9 after a 6-2 start en route to the team's first losing season since 1965.

But they did hang together long enough to put together this oddly charming "Christmas In Dallas" music video, featuring the likes of Danny White, Herschel Walker, Bill Bates, Eugene "The Hitting Machine" Lockhart and a dozen or so other teammates. See how many others you can identify.

No one's lip syncing, a decidedly mixed blessing in some instances. But some of the players seemed to really throw themselves into this thing. Perhaps Tom Landry, in his waning years as the only coach the team had ever known, threatened fines or roster cuts if they didn't?

The overall effect is both cheesy and perhaps a bit heartening, depending on your fondness for the participating players. It's been a quarter-century since they put this thing together. And for better or worse, they don't make them like this anymore. Instead we get owner Jerry Jones and his hip-hop artistry on behalf of Papa John's pizza. No matter how much time passes, that one'll never generate any misty, water-colored memories.