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"Danisms" and elephant dung: Comedy Central's Midterm Midtacular

On an overall big night for the Democrats, Texas gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell got dumped on by Comedy Central.

Its latenight Midterm Midtacular, co-anchored by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, dressed up the standard graphics and mug shots of winning and losing candidates. In Bell's case, he was pooped on by a Republican elephant symbolizing Texas governor Rick Perry's easy victory. Talk about being No. 2.

Later, Dan Rather dropped in to drop a few "Danisms" at Stewart's urging.

"She ran away with it like a hobo with a sweet potato pie," he said of Hillary Rodham Clinton's reelection to the Senate.

Rather was billed as "Global correspondent, HDNet," a role he'll assume Tuesday as anchor of the weekly Dan Rather Reports on Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban's fledgling high-definition channel.

Actually, the best "Danism" of the night came from ABC News anchor Charles Gibson, who said Clinton's victory had "all the surprise of a Doris Day movie."

That one flew right over most kids' heads. No matter. They were watching Comedy Central's election coverage anyway.

Ed Bark