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Who Shot J.R.'s Facebook page? Nobody. It's now open for bidness

Care to know all there is to know about J.R. Ewing's make believe family tree?

Well, TNT has gone to extraordinary lengths on behalf of its its rebooted Dallas TV series, scheduled to premiere this June.

The network has revved up an official Dallas Facebook page with a timeline that traces the original's 14 seasons and what's happened since the show left CBS in May, 1991. It's all in the head of Larry Hagman's J.R. Ewing, who says for starters, "It's time for the world to experience the true story of the Ewing family. Some of what I've posted might shock, or offend you...but if if that's not a good enough reason for exposing my family, I don't know what is."

You can find it all right here as ABC prepares to launch its Dallas-esque soap, GCB, on Sunday, March 4th.
Ed Bark