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Sports anchor Doocy sports a new spring look

Ya do what ya gotta do. Ask Mike Doocy. Photo: Ed Bark

WFAA8 sports anchor Dale Hansen often has a clownish comportment, although I don't think he's ever gotten into costume. Unless you count Hawaiian shirts and occasionally loud sport coats.

But his Fox4 competitor, veteran Mike Doocy, ventured bravely -- or foolishly -- into this territory early Friday morning with a plug for this weekend's Hella Shrine Circus.

Doocy likely won't include this footage on any future resume tapes. But if stations still do Christmas gag reels, then this one's a keeper.

"The Dooc" does have a lighter side, infrequently breaking into song during sports segments and with "The Ticket" radio's (1310 AM) house band at the station's annual "TicketStock." Wearing a clown nose and funny hat likely is a first, though, proving anew that you just
never know what you might see on early morning TV.