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Ex-NBC5 sports anchor Scott Murray gets a weekly radio talker at KLIF

Former NBC5 sports anchor Scott Murray is hosting a new Sunday night show on KLIF radio (570 AM).

The Scott Murray Program, which launched on May 27th, airs weekly at 7 p.m. The station says it "will focus on difference-makers, individuals and groups who give back to the local community and discuss the importance of giving back to those who find themselves in need.

"We'll be talking to your favorite athletes, entertainers and other well-known personalities who are always willing to lend a hand," Murray says in a publicity release.

Murray also is chairman/CEO of Murray Media and hosts Talk Street, a public affairs/philanthropic program airing on NBC5's 5.2 digital channel, NBC DFW Nonstop.

He was a sports anchor at NBC5 from 1982 through 2002, with most of those years as the featured attraction until Newy Scruggs arrived in 2000.