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Jane McGarry waxes eloquent, seemingly remains a bush supporter

Veteran NBC5 anchor Jane McGarry apparently is intent on exploring new vistas in viewer interaction.

Her latest blog post on the station's Web site originates from "The Make-Up Room," where "usually it's all girls."

"And usually the talk isn't about news," she adds. "It's men, dating, children, food . . . the stuff we're all really interested in." (Yeah, those gnarly current events can be such a downer, particularly when you're in the TV news business.)

Anyway, McGarry has decided to "share" some of the girl talk. And in this latest dispatch, "the subject of the bikini wax came up" amongst the anchor and her colleagues.

"Do you get one or not?" McGarry asks. "I offered that I have before, but I can't see the point because you have to let the hair get along enough to wax again, which means, you'll need to shave! So why wax to begin with?"

But before you know it, "the bikini wax conversation" gave way to an in-depth debate on the merits of shaving vs. waxing vs. laser hair removal.

This is where coltish anchor/reporter Meredith Land came in. According to McGarry, she says that "these days, to younger women like her little sister, good grooming means a complete wax, if you get what I mean."

Well, it can all be quite a puzzlement, McGarry admits. "What if you get complete laser removal and the current trend turns out to be a fad?" she asks. "Are you stuck forever with something akin to a tattoo?"

McGarry ends by imploring readers of her blog to "let me know what you think!"

By the way, your friendly content provider at unclebarky.com is circumcised. Might as well get the ball rolling on that one, too.