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CBS11 effectively wraps its early morning team in bright Christmas promo

Although still stuck in fourth place, CBS11's revamped early morning news program gained a little ground on its competitors in the November "sweeps" ratings.

The station also is doing a better job of promoting the new team of Brendan Higgins, Adrienne Bankert, Garry Seith (the lone holdover) and Whitney Drolen. The below Christmas promo gets the spirit of the season across without being sappy about it. Instead it's winningly whimsical and might put quite a few viewers in the mood to give these guys a try in the coming weeks.

That's what it's all about -- effective salesmanship. WFAA8 scored big with its comedy "Corning in the Morning" promos and reportedly has another campaign ready to roll. CBS11 at last seems ready to get in this game, too -- and maybe in a big way during the coming year. This is a good start.