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Daybreak's bells & whistles promo campaign adds a musical combo

Chimps and puppets are still in play as WFAA8's slap-happy campaign for Daybreak works a house band into the mix.

Co-anchor Ron Corning, focal point from the start, this time heralds a four-piece "Daybreak Band" that's supposed to fire off an old-school rimshot whenever something funny happens on the show.

Interim co-anchor Alexa Conomos, filling in at the desk while Cynthia Izaguirre is on maternity leave, adds her own zinger after Corning gooses the band to react to humorous moments in traffic and weather. Not funny, she says, before tacking on a rather acidic "Ya moron." Band members then lay on an industrial strength rimshot while the hapless, hammy Corning tries to quiet them.

It should be noted that Fox4, the defending February "sweeps" early morning champ, has its own real-life "Good Daze" band fronted by meteorologist Evan Andrews on drums, traffic reporter Chip Waggoner on guitar and fun-fun Fiona Gorostiza supplying the lead vocals.

In the deadly serious early morning ratings wars, Fox4 is trying to fight off what so far looks like a two-pronged May "sweeps" threat from both NBC5 and WFAA8, which long has been in third place but is surging in recent months with its series of Corning-centric promos.

Here's the latest, with Mugsy the gassy monkey perhaps waiting in the wings.