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Having a record-setting heat wave, with some D-FW television news stations trying to keep their reporters out of potential harm's way


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During this ongoing, record-setting heat wave, D-FW television audiences constantly are being advised to stay out of the not-so-great outdoors whenever possible.

As of this writing (2 p.m. on Friday), at least two local stations have decided that what’s good for viewers is also good for their reporters. Both NBC5 and CBS11 for the most part have temporarily suspended live shots from the field. Fox4 so far is still planning to go live, according to sources. There’s no word yet from TEGNA8, whose news management again threw shade on an inquiry from unclebarky.com -- by not responding.

A CBS11 memo to staffers from assistant news director Laurie Passman puts it this way: “With the extreme temps we’re having, let’s have you all plan to shoot ‘look lives’ . . . unless there’s breaking news or your story demands a live shot. Stay safe out there and make sure you’re drinking plenty of water!”

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